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Get ready for a thrilling selection of limited-time experiences & fun activities at our Spooktacular Halloween!!

Give your Halloween spirit a little boost, you don't want to miss out on this.

Do you dare to snorkel with the piranhas? Those brave enough can actually get the chance this Halloween. First of its kind experience in the region for just AED 330, guests will gear up with a wet suit and go behind the scenes to the ‘meat kitchen’ whilst receiving a full brief from the bio-dome's expert biologist and receiving a back of house tour. Snorkel with the Piranhas encounter will take Dubai's boldest adventurers up close and personal with some of the rainforest's most fascinating species.

To add to the thrill, the experience will take place during the daily piranha feeding frenzy between 4:00 - 5:00 pm. Get a chance to feed and learn about multiple species, before taking the plunge, guests will assist with feeding the Pacu Fish their veggies, witness over 1,000 of the notorious fish devour full chickens and turkeys, before being lowered into the tank. This once in a lifetime experience is open to anyone over the age of 6 and to those who are confident and comfortable swimming.

Snorkel with the Piranhas experience will be inside the water with a safe 1.5-meter distance and experience watching through their goggles as the feeding frenzy takes place!

Don't fancy that much of a fright? Come and experience an After Dark for the perfect treat this Halloween. Every Wednesday, from 7:00 - 9:00 pm head to bio-dome at night and be greeted by all the nocturnal residents. Say hi to the Sloths, get up close and personal with a Gecko and pay a visit to the famous Slow Loris family at their most active time of day!

The bio-dome will transform into an eerie Haunted Rainforest, complete with spooky spider webs, animal skeletons, RIP extinct animal tombstones and pumpkins galore. Get involved in frightful fun with spooky arts and crafts, haunted rainforest activity maps, and a range of games including hopscotch and pumpkin tic-tac-toe.

Take note: Kids who arrive wearing animal inspired costumes will immediately be entered in a drawing to win a Zookeeper for a day!


  • 15 minutes to change in private change room facilities with lockers
  • 5 minute safety briefing at the top of the River Tank while learning how to use gear
  • 10 minutes of feeding the Pacu their fruits and vegetables from the surface, checking out the piranha food from outside the water, and learning about Piranhas
  • 20 minutes in the water first watching the piranha feeding frenzy and then snorkeling along the surface of the tank exploring
  • 10 minutes to shower, change and return your wetsuit and gear

Terms & Conditions:

  • General Admission to TGP included in ticket price
  • Capacity is 4 guests per day (1 session per day)
  • Everyday session runs from 4:00 - 5:00 pm
  • Minimum age is 6 years of age
  • Guests must feel confident in the water and be capable of climbing down and up a small ladder
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