Guests visiting are advised to park their cars at City Walk car park. Dear Guest, due to COVID-19 we have implemented health and safety measures, please read them carefully before making an online booking Click here.
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Health and Safety Measures

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Health & Safety Measures at The Green Planet Dubai

Hand Sanitization    Safe Environment     

  • Children of all ages and adults over 60 years old are allowed to visit The Green Planet (No age restrictions)
  • All guests except children under 6 years of age must wear a mask at all times and practice social distancing
  • Guests visiting The Green Planet are advised to park their cars at City Walk car park.
  • Cleaning and disinfection are conducted before the facility opens and at an hourly interval.  Deep Cleaning and disinfection are also conducted at the end of business operation.
  • Elevators, Escalators, Door Handles, Toiles and All Touch Points is frequently cleaned and disinfected using approved cleaning chemical (biocides)
  • All the colleagues’ health is monitored to ensure that they are in good health when reporting to work
  • Each colleague attends Covid-19 training awareness.
  • Colleagues Body Temperatures are checked before entering the facility.
  • Social Distancing is practiced in the facility.  Floor Stickers and other means of communication are provided to communicate social distancing practice.
  • Personal Protective Mask and gloves are encouraged to be used. PPEs can be provided to guest needing them.
  • The Number of guests is reduced as per Dubai Municipality Guidelines.  Information is posted at every entrance of the facility to communicate the capacity.
  • Hand sanitizers are provided at key locations.  Guests are encouraged to used them.
  • Cash less transactions are encouraged. Online transaction and booking preferred.
  • Facility Seating provision has been adjusted to promote social distancing. Benches, chairs, etc. will be moved and marked according to social distancing guidelines
  • Entrance to all assets will be self-scanning of tickets. No direct contact between the staff and guests.
  • Play Ares and Attractions capacity will comply with the Dubai Municipality Guideline.
  • The Green Planet Café outdoor playground (soft play) is open except the ball pit and will only allow limited number of children playing at a time
  • Limited Seating capacity in F&B.
  • The Green Planet will remain closed on Sundays.