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Do you know any budding biologists, young scientists or animal lovers? If the answer is yes than this is a must-do experience for them.

Children from age 7 to 11 years can learn about science, the environment, meet furry friends and take part in activities that benefit the plants and animals through this fascinating new after school programme designed to give kids a taster of what life behind the scenes of The Green Planet is really like.

The seven-week course is valid only from Sunday to Wednesday each week and is hosted once a week with lots of fun activities in an educational way for youngsters to explore future careers such as zookeeper, vet, horticulturalist, entomologist and more in a hands-on, fun, exciting and interactive way within the unique indoor bio dome.

What to Expect:

  • Each week's programme will focus on a theme and topic led by an expert biologist who will teach children about animal care, training and enrichment work.
  • Youngsters can get up close to the sloth and sugar glider as well as reptiles, birds and bugs.
  • There will also be a range of work experience projects which will have a connection to the animal in focus that week, such as food preparation, preparing toys or collecting record keeping information.
  • Children will learn what a terrarium is, how to plant their very own tropical bio dome and even be able to create their very own hanging tree planter to take home.
  • Participants will also be encouraged to make an impact, tasked at spending time working on a project that can help the environment in their own communities.
  • Each child will receive a TGP explorer kit and be awarded the official title of Junior Biologist and TGP Academy graduate.
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