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The Green Planet says G' Day Mate to its newest experience.

Come visit The Australian Walkabout, an all-new thrilling Australian animal experience, promising to take visitors on a journey to the 'Land Down Under'.

Venture through a fascinating multi-species exhibit which promises to educate and excite visitors all about the weird and wonderful species from the other side of the world! Get up close and personal with some of Australia's most famous creatures.

Did you know?

Australia has over 750 different reptile species, more than any other country in the world?

Get to know our newest residents at The Australian Walkabout:

Lace Goanna Lizard

Guests can explore the Australian Walkabout's abandoned crashed plane that is now home to the Lace Goanna Lizard, the second-largest goanna in Australia that can grow as long as 2.1 metres. Venture inside the plane and capture the perfect photo with the large goanna lizard.

Lizards & Turtles

Over at the lizard and turtle exhibit, which is reminiscent of Australians famous landmark Uluru, visitors will be able to witness the weird and wonderful bearded dragon, frill-necked lizard, blue-tongue skink and snake-neck turtles. Find these creatures at the abandoned campsite with plenty of red sand, overgrown grass and rock work, the exhibit presents the idyllic setting suited for these fascinating creatures.


Head over to the walkabout's largest exhibit to find the gorgeous big-footed marsupials and relatives of Australia's iconic kangaroos – the wallabies. Guests will also find amongst the cave and trees some of Australia's famous birds, including major Mitchell's cockatoos, laughing kookaburras and a palm cockatoo.

Australian Carpet Python

Australia, famous for its slithering reptiles, is home to 11 out of 15 of the world’s most poisonous snakes. Within the Australian Walkabout guests can find the famous Australian Carpet Python within the abandoned workshop, slithering amongst broken shelves, tools and a ceramic sink basin – look, but don't touch!

The Australian Walkabout will also boast multiple species of grass parakeets, cockatrices, and smaller Australian parakeets, the notorious red back spider and an army of white tree frogs.

Encounter Details

A 15-20 minute of Kookaburra interaction once per day at 11:00 am. This is an opportunity for guests to get an up-close experience with the Kookaburra where they can feed the Australian bird take pictures next to them.

With the above interaction, guest can also attend the Australian Walkabout Biologist Talk, at 18:00 only available on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. The Green Planet Dubai biologists would be more than happy to answer all their questions.