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Did you know?

The species is deemed as one of the more dangerous and aggressive of its kind and is famously known for its razor-sharp bite that's capable of taking mouth-sized chunks of flesh out of other organisms.

Fun facts about Piranhas that you may not believe:

  • Piranhas bark!
  • The word piranha means “fish tooth”
  • Piranhas have lived in South America for millions of years
  • Piranha teeth are intense but replaceable
  • The Piranha family includes both Carnivorous and Vegetarian species, some are cannibals!
  • When hunting prey, piranhas go for the tail and eyes
  • Piranhas swim in schools for safety, not strength
  • Pirhana only attack for food and even then they are mainly scavengers that pray on injured or dead flesh
  • They are quite shy and retiring when not hungry
  • Piranhas seem to be attracted to noise, splashing and blood
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