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The Bat Cave

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Bat Cave Experience

The Green Planet wants to give our visitors a unique and different experience, to meet some of nature's most thrilling and wondrous denizens, the Bat Cave Experience.

Did you know?

Fruit bats are an essential part of the rainforest ecosystem and help fruit trees propagate by dispersing seeds far and wide. The bat cave recreates the Seba's short tailed fruit bat's natural habitat, and stays true to the cosy low-lit environments they thrive in.

Slow Loris: Within our nocturnal bat cave you will be able to see our wonderful Pygmy Slow Loris. These animals are from southeast asia and are one of the only mammals with venom. They have incredibly strong grip in their hands and feet and distinctively large eyes which assists them with seeing in the dark.

Seba Fruit Bats

The bat cave lies on a unique new trail through the bio-dome. Guests follow a dimly-lit enclosed path with Seba's short-tailed fruit bats flitting around, or hanging from cervices in cave walls while enjoying their fruit and nectar diet.

How can you book it?

The bat cave experience is very unique and is all inclusive in the entry ticket for The Green Planet. To have a very close Bat Feeding interaction with the bats, guest can visit The Green Planet Dubai at 13:00 once per day.  Please ask for this when entering The Green Planet Dubai and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.