Parking for The Green Planet is in the underground Citywalk mall parking. Guest can validate their parking ticket during your visit to park.

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Bird Encounter

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Did you know?

Toucans are actually an endangered species due to their habitat being destroyed with the removal of huge chunks of rain-forest.

Encounter Details

At Green Planet, guest (max 6 participants) can have a 20 minutes Bird encounter with Toucan, Caiques or other small parrots once per day at 11:30 am. This is an opportunity for guests to get an up-close experience with our birds where they can take pictures next to them and learn more about different habitats of birds from an experienced biologist available in the Green Planet during their session.

The Green Planet Dubai biologists would be more than happy to answer all their questions.

How can you book it?

The Bird encounter is very unique and is AED 254 per person including entry ticket. Limited slots are available and bookings have to be made in advance. Please ask for this when entering The Green Planet Dubai and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.

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